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Handcrafted-Oregon is a family of talented individuals coming together to offer a unique wine buying experience. We bring over 100 years experience of selling and marketing a broad array of specialty and everyday wines to Oregon. 


The Handcrafted team has personal experience with winemaking-from the vineyard to the cellar, importing and exporting. We have owned and managed restaurants, hotels, clubs, retail stores and wine bars. We are just as likely to be spending our  weekends with local producers harvesting, bottling, labeling or any of the other cellar-rat duties that might come up, as taking a hike in the scenic Pacific Northwest, or supporting a local band. 


Here at Handcrafted-Oregon we never lose sight of what we are here to do; service our trade partners with unbeatable professionalism while showcasing the craft and hard work our suppliers undertake every day in their vineyards, orchards, farms and cellars around the world.

Donald Brain

Donald Brain is enjoying returning to Kansas to assume the CEO responsibilities of Handcrafted Wines after a period of time with a mergers and acquisition firm in Napa, Global Wine Partners where he specialized in providing advice on a variety of issues within the wine industry. Before his move to Napa, Donald worked at KPMG in downtown Kansas City and received his MBA from UMKC after getting his undergraduate degree from Loyola University of Chicago.

Ben Martin
Vice President of Operations

Ben enjoys watching professional football, hanging out with friends, and spending time with his family.  

Aaron Jensen

Aaron moved from Utah in 2008.  He joined the company in 2009 and has been a huge part of our continuing growth.  When he's not tasting customers on awesome new wines, you might find him on the golf course or spending time with his wife and two kids.

Glen Adams
SALES ASSOCIATE (Portland/Hood River)

Glen came to Portland from Rhode Island many moons ago. He was with D'Vine Wines for nearly ten years before it became Handcrafted. 

His start in the wine sales game came after serving one of the partners of D'Vine at a local restaurant. He was a hit, invited to a tasting, and the rest is history.

Glen is the proud papa of Ren & Stimpy, two ferocious Corgies who nap during the day, and keep Glen up at night.

He and his wife enjoy craft brews, and live music.

Ron Leidigh

Resident Rock Star-Ron has been in the Portland wine industry for over 20 years. He left the glamourous life of insurance sales where he was, "In cubicle hell," and made the jump to wine.  His gamble on happiness paid off and he's grateful for the people, places, and experiences the wine industry has offered him.

Ron's talent for music has led him to open for many major acts & cut a few records. He currently plays guitar in a band called Los Vamonos, which you can catch most weekend nights around town. 

Jason Hunter 
(Central Coast, Willamette Valley, and Salem)

Jason joined the Handcrafted team in June 2017. His professional experiences range from slinging clam chowder on Cape Cod to managing the wine program at a high-end ski resort in Beaver Creek.

Jason’s recreational interests included most things outdoors, reading, writing, and international travel. His experiences have lead to two self-published books: Wine Hunter: Barolo and Wine Hunter: Hermitage, Côte Rôtie, Cornas and the Northern Rhône.

Jason lives in McMinnville with his wonderful wife, Kristin.

Andy Myer
SALES ASSOCIATE (Ashland/Medford)

Andy was born and raised outside of Chicago, but caught the wine bug after moving to Oregon and answering an ad for a part-time tasting room gig on craigslist while in college in 2006.  Lightening struck and upon graduating, he spent the next 5 years traveling the world studying winemaking, with vintages in New Zealand, Australia, Washington, Oregon, and California under his belt.  After time spent working as the wine director for a restaurant in Healdsburg for a number of years, he relocated to Ashland in 2015.  He is happiest with ski boots on his feet or a paddle in his hands.

Travis Oakley
Greg Falk

Greg hails from Rochester, NY. His wine experience goes back more than 25 years, to when he and his father made wine together at home. 

More recently, Greg has worked in a variety of positions within the wine world. He has been a buyer and manager at retail outlets, a wholesale representative, and currently manages the Oregon sales team.

When he's not cracking the whip, he enjoys snowboarding, watersports, and spending time with his family on their annual outing to Baja. 

Jeremy McClelland

Michigan native Jeremy got his start peddling spirits at Cost Plus in Ann Arbor.  He's done stints as wine steward at a few other retail outlets, and comes to us with a wealth of on-premise experience.

Most weekday evenings you'll find Jeremy in front of the computer playing anything from Bethesda Gameworks or Square Enix.

In true Pacific Northwest form, weekends are dedicated to the outdoors...hiking, and out of cell phone range.  

Ellen Dull
SALES ASSOCIATE (Portland/West Suburbs)

Ellen left the sunshine of California for the drizzly climes of Portland. She found her love of wine 20+ years ago when she inherited her father's wine collection. A few bottles of wine in her father's basement with his dated issues of WineSpectator, and she was hooked.

She forbade her mom from giving any more Chateau Margaux to the mail-man, and began her journey.

In her free time, Ellen dabbles in space exploration & skydiving, and enjoys attending highschool sporting events.

Gaston Guibert

Gaston is relatively new to the wine scene, but comes to it honestly. His visit with distant cousin Aimé Guibert, of Daumas Gassac-fame, helped to inspire his wine journey,
Gaston has spent time making sheeps milk cheese in Sardinia, working in the vineyards of Northern California, selling wine in the wine shops of San Francisco, and makes a little wine of his own on the side.

He spends much of his free time gardening, pickling, making, "The Best Basque Style Chorizo This Side Of Elko," & woodworking. His goal is to farm a natural, biodiverse farm & vineyard a la Masanobu Fukuoka.  

Beverly McKenzie
Retail Sales Manager

Beverly is our on premise specialist.  With a vast knowledge of wine from around the world, she continually finds the perfect fits for the hottest spots around town.  She spends her free time going on amazing hikes with her two beautiful dogs.

Yvonne Smith
SALES ASSOCIATE (Portland Metro/N.Coast)

Another Michigan native, Travis moved to Portland in pursuit of freedom from the harsh winters of the Great Lake State.  After 11 years working in kitchens, he came to Handcrafted working for his long time friend Jeremy in the warehouse.  His interests include spending time with friends (preferably out in the woods), quality cooking, and playing tuba.

Ben Poff 

Ben enjoys live music, spending time with his family, and working for Handcrafted Wines.

Brian Hynd
SALES ASSOCIATE (Eugene/South Coast)

Brian has been working in wine for the past 4 years. He covers Eugene and the South Coast. 
What not everyone knows about Brian, is that he is a Commercial Pilot, and enjoys golfing...admittedly his clubs haven't seen grass in quite some time. He currently spends his former time on the golf course with his wife and new son.